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Re-open after Covid-19 Lockdown

We are re-opening Alhumdulillah!  ~  Advice issued on Sunday 12 July 2020  ~   By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, Islamic Centre Edgware has re-opened and has implemented strict guidelines that must be followed for the safety of all attendees. This is paramount to prevent a further outbreak amongst the community. WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR ALL PRAYERS Attendees will need to either pre-register before attending or complete an attendance register before entering for NHS Track & Trace requirements. You can pre-register here >>>   The front gates are expected to remain […]

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Eid ul Fitr 2020: The Celebration during Lockdown

In this article we have outlined the sunnahs of Eid and how we should conduct ourselves especially in this unusual time. We are living in a very unusual time of a pandemic which has forced our Mosques and Centres to be closed and a national lockdown has meant that we, as responsible citizens, are required to isolate and not leave our homes unless it is a necessity. For those that are required to go outside, they should maintain social distancing. This also means there will not be any communal prayers […]

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The Last Ten Nights of Ramadan and the Night of Qadr

~ 21st Night – Wednesday 13th May 2020 ~ 23rd Night – Friday 15th May 2020 ~ 25th Night – Sunday 17th May 2020 ~ 27th Night – Tuesday 19th May 2020 ~ 29th Night – Thursday 21st May 2020 ~ We are now entering the last ten nights of Ramadan. These are the most virtuous nights of the year in which the prophet (ﷺ) used to increase in worship. Aisha narrated that with the start of the last ten days of Ramadan, the Prophet used to tighten his waist belt (i.e. work […]

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