Visiting the Mosque

Guidelines for Visiting the Mosque

We like to welcome visitors to our mosque and Islamic Centre! But we can also understand that for those who have not come to a mosque before, there may be questions you may have or may be unsure about what to expect. We have put together some answers to common questions.


As the mosque is a sacred place of worship, visitors are requested to observe our guidelines for clothing. Both males and females should wear clothing that is modest, such as long sleeves, and either long skirts or trousers. Neither men nor women should wear shorts or sleeveless tops. Women are not required to cover their hair, although the gesture is welcome.


When entering the mosque there are shoe racks provided to take off shoes as the Mosque area is carpeted and prayers are performed on the carpet or rugs.

Ladies Area

There is a separate entrance for ladies which leads into the ladies section. This is provided to create a private space for ladies with its own ablution area. Men are requested not to enter the ladies area without prior permission. The ladies area is sign-posted to the right side of the building.

Visiting During Prayer Times

Prayer times are spread out throughout the day, and if you happen to enter the mosque during the call for prayer or during a prayer, you are requested to observe silence until it has completed. You are welcome to sit at the back of the men’s hall and observe the prayers.

If you enter a prayer area when someone is performing the ritual prayers, it is advised not to walk in front of them, but rather go around and behind them or wait until they have finished.

Other Guidelines

When greeting Muslims in the mosque, it is customary not to shake hands with the opposite gender. We would also kindly ask visitors to refrain from smoking on the mosque grounds and this includes e-cigarettes. Eating and drinking is only permitted in the designated areas of the kitchen and common room.

We request that visitors refrain from taking pictures. If you have a specific reason for which photos are required, please ask for permission beforehand.

There is no parking on the mosque grounds except for service vehicles or wheelchair accessible vehicles. Please contact the Mosque office to arrange this prior to your booking.

For the best experience, you are requested to contact the Mosque Office by email to arrange an appointment where one of our Imams will be happy to show you around the Mosque & Islamic Centre. This is especially important for those who may have special needs. Also note that the mosque may be closed except during prayer times.