Admission Requirements

The Islamic Centre Edgware Madrasah is open to all Muslim children regardless of their ethnicity, race, and culture.

The minimum age for admission is 7 years and the maximum age is 16 years of age or at the discretion of management in borderline cases. Younger children are expected to have reached the age of discernment, have a basic level of literacy and to be toilet trained.

Children are expected to receive other state or private education to enable them to be literate which will enhance their learning experience at Madrasah.

In the event of oversubscription, the Madrasah has adopted a general policy of accepting students in order of their submission of a fully completed application form, and attendance for an admission test. Priority may be given to siblings. Thereafter, students are selected according to the spaces available in the Madrasah depending on the class that a space can become available in. Application forms are accepted (when the Madrasah is not full) and are filed according to the date a fully completed application form is received. When a space becomes available, email communication will be sent.

All parents and students are expected to comply with the Madrasah regulations. This includes rules relating to attendance and lateness, uniform requirements and parking restrictions.

The weekday and weekend classes for students coming to the centre are two-hour long.

The Week Day madrasah is Monday to Thursday between 5pm to 7pm

The Week End madrasah is Saturday and Sunday between 11am to 1pm

Te remote weekend and weekday classes are for one hour and have a lower amount of students as large groups are not conducive to online learning.

Weekday classes are either 5pm to 6pm or 6pm to 7pm 

Weekend classes are either 11am to 12pm or 12pm to 1pm

All students are expected to comply with the uniform requirements adopted by the Madrasah.

A full set of Rules and Regulations can be found here.

The financial donation for the Madrasah are set to

£480 annually for weekday students (Monday – Thursday)*

£300 annually for weekend students (Saturday – Sunday)*

(*Prices effective from 01/09/24)

An annual payment in advance can be made. We also offer an option of  making payment over 12 months as long as payment is made on or before the 1st day of every month regardless of holidays or absences. Failure to keep up payments may result in the requirement to complete the annual payment in advance or suspension/expulsion.

There is also a £40 non-refundable admission cost at the time of starting. An initial set of books is given free of charge but thereafter students will be required to buy all necessary books.

Madrasah Bank Details:

Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Islamic Centre Edgware
Sort Code: 40-20-16
Account Number: 62008149

Please ensure that you add the name of the child and your house number as reference.

Once a position becomes available, children would normally be allocated a class or assessed to ascertain their level. After an offer is made, we would expect the following steps:

  • Step 1: Send proof of ID (copy of passport or if no passport, then a birth certificate and photo)
  • Step 2: Pay the £40 admission cost
  • Step 3: Make the annual payment set up a Standing Order with the first payment to be received before the start of the first day (delayed payment may lead to delayed enrolment to the next intake)

You can apply using our Application Form here. Please remember you will need to complete an application for each child. Incomplete applications may delay admission.