Our Building


Our Mosque and Islamic Centre is composed of a main prayer hall from where the daily prayers are performed daily. Access to the main prayer hall is through the main entrance which leads to a corridor surrounding the main prayer hall. It is peppered with shoe racks by each entrance to the hall so that shoes can be placed in them before entering the prayer area.

There is a first floor mezzanine which is accessed via a staircase from the corridor at the back of the prayer hall. This is used during the busy periods as an extension of the main prayer hall, or may be used for other activities. It is also used for madrasah classes during the weekday evenings and weekends. It is a part of the designated prayer area.

The ladies section is to the left of the building and can be accessed via a side corridor or a front entrance. This area can be used by ladies for prayers as well as other activities as it is not a specifically designated prayer area. It is a multi-purpose area and is used for madrasah classes during the weekday evenings and weekends.

There are three main ablution areas. The main ablution area is at the back of the building and has WC facilities as well as ample wudu area. There is another ablution area on the first floor which is used only during those times that the first floor is used. The ladies area is self-contained and has access to a toilet and ablution area. We also have a specific disabled toilet which is for use by our disabled visitors only.

At the front of the Mosque near the main entrance we have our administrative offices and a common area which houses our extensive library. We have Qur’an translations in many languages which can be read whilst at the mosque, or borrowed for short term reading. Our common area is used for some courses and events and has an adjacent small kitchen for light refreshments.

Although there is a car park at the mosque, it is limited for wheelchair accessible vehicles, staff or service vehicles only.