Charitable Projects

Islamic Centre Edgware has resolved to support charitable projects which acts as a sadaqa jaariyah (ongoing charity) for our community. Details of these projects can be found below.

Ramadan 2019 Project Four: Bangladesh Madrasah

Ramadan 2019: Project Four- Building Support for Madrasa, Bangladesh

Ramadan 2019 Project Three: Yemen Food & Medical Aid Container

Ramadan Project Three: Food & Medical Supplies for Yemen 40 ft Container filled and delivered to those in need via Anaya Aid We are no longer collecting for this project but you can donate to other projects. The situation in Yemen is reaching breaking point, War, airstrikes, Famine, Poverty, lack of public services and an extremely low rate of employment has lead many to the brink of starvation!! As shown in the feedback videos from the distribution of the aid from the last container, many amongst the oppressed received our […]

Ramadan 2019 Project Two: Refurbish Africa Mosques

Refurbishment for African Mosque (Masjid Ijora Market, Masjid Istijaba & Masjid Nouroul Kamal) Project Update: Dhul Hijjah 1440 H   Project Update: Ramadan 1440 H Work has already started! Islamic Centre Edgware is a sponsor of the Refurbish Africa Mosques Project. The aim of the project is to refurbish local Mosques increasing their capacity and level of comfort for the worshippers.  The project will start with three Mosques in West Africa as follows: i)   Masjid Ijora Market in Lagos Nigeria – Expansion of Wudu Area, bore hole and water tank. […]

Ramadan 2019 Project One: Solar Plant for Schools in Gaza, Palestine

Solar Plants for Islamic School in Gaza ( Al-Tabeen or Fatima Al-Zahraa School) Project Update 15th Ramadan 1440 Alhumdulillah, we have raised the total amount needed for one of the schools We intended to raise £10,000 for one school but have managed to reach slightly over so we will wait til the end of Ramadan to calculate and other donations to see if we can do anything further. May Allah accept your donations and reward you. We will keep you updated with the progress insha’Allah. Project Description The Gaza Strip […]

December 2018 Project: Pakistan Dam Fund

 ~Project Update ~ Alhumdulillah, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah, we are honoured to have raised almost £5000 for the Dam in Pakistan. Donations are still coming in and we do not have the final amount yet. We thank all those involved and pray for the success of this project and for all those who have contributed their time and wealth the this cause. ~Project Background~ Islamic Centre Edgware regularly collects for charitable causes around the world, both as emergency funds to address any crisis that may or arise […]

Ramadan 2018 Project: Mosque & Madrasah in Malawi (through Ummah Welfare Trust)

An update will be posted by Ramadan 2019 insha’Allah

RAMADAN 2018: Malawi Masjid Project

RAMADAN PROJECT 2018 – Completed! Masjid Hidayah, Nampway, Zomba District – Donated by Community Members of Islamic Centre Edgware Background In Ramadan 1439 (2018), Islamic Centre Edgware decided to adopt a charitable project during Ramadan for our community. After discussions with various organisations, it was agreed that we would establish the building of a masjid in Malawi for which our community can gain sadaqa jaariya. Ummah Welfare Trust, who have considerable experience in this field submitted a report for a Mosque in Nsulu Village, Ulongwe Area. It was a deprived […] (UA-24278895) (UA-24278895)