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February 18, 2020

23 Jumādā ath-Thāniya 1441

Zhuhr Iqamah

1:00 pm

4 Hours 0

Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr 5:22 am 5:45 am
Sunrise 7:10 am
Zhuhr 12:15 pm 1:00 pm
'Asr 2:49 pm 3:45 pm
Maghrib 5:20 pm 5:30 pm
'Esha 7:09 pm 7:30 pm

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Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Welcome to the website for Islamic Centre Edgware.
On our website you will find the services that we offer and any notices we may wish to issue from time to time.
Please follow the quicklinks below to navigate to the correct page you desire

1st prayer: 12:45pm <br>2nd prayer: 1:20pm

1st prayer: 12:45pm
2nd prayer: 1:20pm

(Kindly note that we do not have ladies facility in the first jamaat due to overcrowding)

We also still hold one jamaat at 1:00pm at Watling Community Hall, 145 Orange Hill Road, HA8 0TR.

There is no parking inside the Centre so you are politely requested to park your vehicles well away from the Centre, in consideration of our neighbours.

Also please try to make wudu from home.

A Study of Selected Verses of the Qur’ān

Islamic Centre Edgware is please to announce a new weekly class to be delivered by our Imams in which they will select some verses of the Qur’an and explain them in the correct manner. It is hoped that theses circles will be gatherings of remembrance of Allah which would benefit all those involved. We have summarised below the importance of our weekly Tafseer sessions and why we have organised them. The Qur’ān is the divine revelation sent to mankind. It is not a book only for honouring and keeping holy, […]

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Adult Qur’ān Madrasah

 ADULT QUR’ĀN MADRASAH After the success of our previous courses on Qur’ān Reading, we are now able to offer Qur’ān classes for brothers and sisters. The Qur’ân is the unchanged Word of Allah, revealed in the Arabic language. It cannot be recited in any other language and so learning and recitation in Arabic is essential. The classes start from the very basics and develop the student so they can recite the words of the Noble Qur’ân. The course will cover:  – Arabic Alphabet: pronunciation, character recognition, various forms – Vowels: […]

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