Charitable Projects

Turkiye / Syria Earthquake Appeal March 2023

Islamic Centre Edgware are working with Global Helping Hands ( to deliver vital support to those affected immediately.

Pakistan Floods Appeal August 2022

Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal & Bangladesh Floods Appeal - June 2022


A 6.1 magnitude earthquake recently hit eastern Afghanistan, leaving at least 1000 people dead, 2,000 injured and 10,000 homes destroyed.
Many people were asleep when the earthquake struck. Other critical infrastructure, such as roads and power supplies, have also been severely damaged. In an area already struggling with support, this is turning into  desperate humanitarian crisis.

We are delighted to have helped raised £3725 for Afghanistan


Heavy monsoon rains have led to bursting river banks and causing widespread flooding in parts of Bangladesh. Over 70% of the Sylhet region is under water, with around 2 million people affected. Homes have been destroyed, cattle & livestock washed away and many lives lost. Rising waters have flooded schools as well as caused catastrophic disruptions to vital infrastructure such as power supply, roads, bridges and water sources. Thousands of families are stranded and running out of food.

We are delighted to have helped raised £2795 for Bangladesh

Bangladesh Madrasah Ramadan 2019

Alhamdulillah Jamia Tawakkulia Renga Madrasa has been established for a century 100 years since 1919.

It is one of the oldest and biggest Madrasa in Sylhet and Bangladesh and the one that our respected Imam Nizaam studied at and graduated from.

There is currently around 1500 students studying to become Hafiz and Aalim-E-Din and this year (2018 ) around 210 student graduated as Alim and over 30 student as Hafiz-e-Quran.

The Madrasa also provides some conventional education.

Around 400 student’s stay in the Jamia boarding and food is served food 3 times a days and many of them are from poor and needy background.

There is around 50 academic and administration staff serving to keep the Jamia running smoothly.

The Madrasa is not able to take on to many new students due to space, capacity and financial issues.

The development and construction of a new big academic and student hostel building is currently underway in and in progress which Islamic Centre Edgware is supporting.

Yemen Food & Medicine
Ramadan 2019

The situation in Yemen is reaching breaking point, War, airstrikes, Famine, Poverty, lack of public services and an extremely low rate of employment has lead many to the brink of starvation!!

As shown in the feedback videos from the distribution of the aid from the last container, many amongst the oppressed received our aid as well as medical supplies reaching the under supplied hospitals in Taiz, Yemen.

We now are again raising funds to send more containers to Yemen

Refurbish African Mosques Ramadan 2019

Islamic Centre Edgware is a sponsor of the Refurbish Africa Mosques Project. The aim of the project is to refurbish local Mosques increasing their capacity and level of comfort for the worshippers.  The project started in Ramadan 2019 and has raised just under £20,000 and has so far refurbished 6 Mosques Ma’sha Allah. A simple project that brings so much gratitude and spiritual uplift to hundreds of people, Ma’sha Allah.

The Project is managed by our very own Br Monir and the summary of it can be found below.

Gaza Solar Panels Ramadan 2019

Alhumdulillah, we have raised the total amount needed for one of the schools We intended to raise £10,000 for one school but have managed to reach slightly over so we will wait til the end of Ramadan to calculate and other donations to see if we can do anything further. May Allah accept your donations and reward you. We will keep you updated with the progress insha’Allah.

Project Description
The Gaza Strip has been suffering from a chronic deficit in electricity since 2006. Around 2 million people are living on less than 8 hours of electricity a day as a result of the 61% electricity deficit. Several alternatives, including the use of generators, were initiated to overcome electricity shortages, particularly in hospitals and schools.
The Gaza Strip has an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, making renewable energy an ideal option. In addressing the needs of the energy sector in Gaza.

In partnership with UWT intend to provide a sustainable energy source through the installation of solar panels in one of these two Islamic schools in Gaza.

Al Tabeen and Fatima Al-Zahraa Islamic Schools are two of the 398 schools in the Gaza Strip currently affected by the electricity crisis. Since 2006, Gaza has been facing chronic electrical shortages, exacerbated by the most recent crisis in Gaza, which damaged related infrastructure and Gaza’s sole power plant.

How will it benefit the people 
The Renewable Energy Generation project will improve the education of approximately 1,200 student
Raise awareness about clean energy and lay the groundwork for energy transition
Saving money
Protecting the environment.

Number of Beneficiaries
Around 600 student

Malawi Mosque Ramadan 2018

RAMADAN PROJECT 2018 – Completed!

Masjid Hidayah, Nampway, Zomba District – Donated by Community Members of Islamic Centre Edgware


In Ramadan 1439 (2018), Islamic Centre Edgware decided to adopt a charitable project during Ramadan for our community. After discussions with various organisations, it was agreed that we would establish the building of a masjid in Malawi for which our community can gain sadaqa jaariya. Ummah Welfare Trust, who have considerable experience in this field submitted a report for a Mosque in Nsulu Village, Ulongwe Area. It was a deprived area with a poor structure and no nearby water well. Funds of approximately £20,000 was needed.

Collections of Funds and project allocation

During Ramadan, we focused on this issue and were honoured to have raised all of the required funds. However, by the time we had collected all of the funds and arranged the transfer to Ummah Welfare Trust, the initial project in Nsulu village had been taken up and completed by another charitable organisation. Undeterred, we requested another location in Malawi as this was the premise upon which the funds had been collected. UWT identified another area in Nampway, Zomba District.

Update: May 2018 / Ramadan 1440H – Project Completed

Alhumdulillah, by the mercy and Grace of Allah, the Malawi Masjid Project is now complete. Our community has established a place of worship for our beloved brothers and sisters in Malawi. Please look through the pictures below.

You can download the full report here >>>