Booking Required for Jumu'ah & Eid Prayer

May 11, 2021
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr 2:32 am 4:00 am
Sunrise 5:15 am
Zhuhr 12:57 pm 1:30 pm
'Asr 5:08 pm 7:30 pm
Maghrib 8:41 pm 8:46 pm
'Esha 10:00 pm 10:15 pm

Monthly Times

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Welcome to the website for Islamic Centre Edgware. On our website you will find the services that we offer and any notices we may wish to issue from time to time. Please look through our guidance before visiting the centre. Please ensure you attend with a facemask, prayer mat and shoebag. There are currently no wudu facilities on site

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1st Jamaah 1:20 2nd Jamaah 2:00

The Mosque will open for Jumu'ah but places must be booked in advance. Reservations can be made on Wednesday evening after 9pm. If all places have been reserved, please select a different venue to perform your prayers. Please continue to support the mosque financially as your support is now urgently needed. Please keep us in your du'as.

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Zakaat ul Fitr

When the month of Ramadan finishes, there is a specific payment known as Zakaat ul fitr (or sadaqaat ul fitr) that is made which the prophet (ﷺ) made obligatory on all people whether they fasted or not. It is a zakaah on the individual rather than on wealth and must be paid for each individual.

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Ramadan Qur’an Summaries

Each night of Ramadan we will be posting a summary of the verses usually recited in Taraweeh to gain a basic understanding of the messages of the Qur’an. NIGHT TWENTY-EIGHT The 29th Juz is recited in this Tarawîh. This Juz includes Sûrahs Mulk, Qalam, Haqqah, Ma’ârij, Nûh, Jinn, Muzzammil, Muddathir, Qiyâmah, Insân and Mursalâh. Allâh

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