England Lockdown #2: From 5 November to 2 December 2020

The UK Government lockdown to control the pandemic required the cessation of all communal worship. We will shortly be announcing when communal prayers will restart at Islamic Centre Edgware

Welcome to Islamic Centre Edgware

November 24, 2020

9 Rabī ath-Thānī 1442

Fajr Iqamah

6:30 am

Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr 5:38 am 6:30 am
Sunrise 7:35 am
Zhuhr 11:48 am 1:00 pm
'Asr 1:41 pm 2:30 pm
Maghrib 4:00 pm 4:10 pm
'Esha 5:57 pm 7:30 pm

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Welcome to Islamic Centre Edgware

Welcome to Islamic Centre Edgware

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Welcome to the website for Islamic Centre Edgware.
On our website you will find the services that we offer and any notices we may wish to issue from time to time.

The Centre will be closing for the second lockdown on 4 November 2020. Please keep visiting our website for details about re-opening.

Jumu'ah Prayers

Jumu'ah Prayers

all prayers including Jum'ah has been postponed due to the lockdown

Please continue to pray in jama'ah at home if you are able to and continue to fulfil the manners of the jumu'ah prayer on Fridays. Please continue to support the mosque financially as your support is now urgently needed. Please keep us in your du'as.

Second Lockdown

Second Lockdown Announced from 5 November 2020   The UK Government has announced a second lockdown in England, including places of worship. This means that Islamic Centre Edgware will be closing after Esha on Wednesday 4 November until the lockdown is eased.   We are closely following guidance from the Muslims Council of Britain who are urging the authorities to exempt places of worship from the lockdown due to their spiritual and mental necessities. We feel that have taken all necessary precautions with the track & trace requirements, closing of […]

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Non-fee paying Islamic School?

Do we want to have an Islamic school where parents don’t have to pay thousands of pounds in fees? This is a great opportunity for the community in Barnet. Please complete this survey to support the Voluntary Aided application from Barnet Hill Academy https://www.barnethillacademy.org.uk/parents/voluntary-aided

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The Significance of Muhurrum & ‘Āshūra

~ The Islamic New Year ~ Depending on the sighting of the new moon, The Islamic New Year of 1442H started on 20 August 2020. It is sunnah to fast on the Day of ‘Āshūra which is the 10th of Muhurrum and the day before it or after it.  ‘Āshūra falls on Saturday 29th August, so the day before it is Friday 28th August and the day after it is Sunday 30th August. So what is the significance of this new year, what are the key events or dates in this month […]

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