We are pleased to announce our preparations for the blessed month of Ramadan, now that we have eased restrictions imposed upon us due to covid. We should not be complacent and understand that the threat still exists, but its effects can be minimized if we keep taking sensible precautions. Please look through our services for more details and let us know if you have any questions or comments via our contact forms.

Taraweeh Prayers

We are grateful to be able to offer the taraweeh prayers at the Mosque. We would advise those who are ill or vulnerable to avoid coming to the centre or to wear a facemask to respect others. Our Imams are Hafidh Abdul Qayoom and Hafidh Harith.

Iftar Arrangements

Due to the limited opening, we will not be offering iftar arrangements, although dates and water will be available for opening the fast at Maghrib. We hope to have one open community iftar during the month and this will be announced soon.

Online Lectures

We will be arranging for online lectures to be made available on our website which can be listened to daily. The lectures will be the based upon what is usually recited in the taraweeh prayers. The purpose of  the lectures is to cover key important messages from the Qur’an.

Other Services

Our Q&A section is available on our website and will be monitored, where you will be able to ask any questions should they arise.

Ramadan 2022 Project

Alhumdulillah, in previous years we raised funds for international projects which have been completed. Details can be seen on our Charity Projects page.

For the last couple of years, we embarked on a project to establish another centre and raised funds to buy a building. Much of the money raised was given as a loan and needs to be paid back. We are looking to raise funds this Ramadan to repay the debts. Please donate now so you too can get the reward of establishing a house of Allah.