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Zakaat ul Fitr

When the month of Ramadan finishes, there is a specific payment known as Zakaat ul fitr (or sadaqaat ul fitr) that is made which the prophet (ﷺ) made obligatory on all people whether they fasted or not. It is a zakaah on the individual rather than on wealth and must be paid for each individual.

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Ramadan Qur’an Summaries

Each night of Ramadan we will be posting a summary of the verses usually recited in Taraweeh to gain a basic understanding of the messages of the Qur’an. NIGHT TWENTY-EIGHT The 29th Juz is recited in this Tarawîh. This Juz includes Sûrahs Mulk, Qalam, Haqqah, Ma’ârij, Nûh, Jinn, Muzzammil, Muddathir, Qiyâmah, Insân and Mursalâh. Allâh

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