Summer Activities for Madrasah Kids

Summer Activities Scheme

We have been trying to incorporate fun into learning as much as we can and have arranged for Madrasah Summer activities which will be open to madrasah children only every Sunday during the month of August.

Sadly, we cannot open to those children that have not registered with us due to safeguarding reasons. We also have a limited capacity and so will only be able to offer this to those who complete the booking process first once we have published it.

There may be a nominal charge for these activities which will help to cover the costs and this will be communicated when the activities are advertised. The activities include:

Party Games: Themed around Hajj

With Hajj season recently passing by, we hope to go through the story of Hajj and highlight its significance.  We will have many games around the themes as we go through the story of Ibraheem (as).

Movie & Popcorn: Themed around the Seerah

We expect to have a cinematic showing of the animated version of the life of the prophet (s) with breaks to have popcorn and drinks and elaborate of the important events that took place

Fun Quizzes: General Knowledge

We plan to have trivia Quizzes in teams to promote the value of knowledge and learning. The Quizzes will be done in an interactive fun way to ensure there is entertainment throughout

Arts & Crafts: Themed around Geometry and Calligraphy

We will have various arts & crafts activities which will explore Islamic art and geometric design. There will be colouring in, pattern making and calligraphy.

To help cover costs for these extra activities, there is a charge of £5 only which is for all sessions. There are limited place for this scheme and you will be given details on booking for these during the upcoming parent consultations.