Timetable 2021

Download timetable here

Our timetable has been devised to incorporate times from the traditional international standard of 17.5 degrees and the new UK timetable used by ICCUK.

The traditional 17.5 degrees are adopted by the majority of Muslim countries worldwide as agreed by the Muslim World League.

(Muslim World League Conference’s Resolutions in 1406H, at Makkah Al-Mukarramah and the International Conference for Timetable at I.C.C. London in 1984 and the Egyptian Astronomy Directorate, the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences in Aman (Jordan) and the British Royal Observatory Greenwich)

Times have been reproduced with the permission from data produced by HM Nautical Almanac Office © Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (Royal Greenwich Observatory) [http://astro.ukho.gov.uk/websurf/].

We have also presented the new ‘Unified Times’ that are used by Islamic Cultural Centre UK since 2012. (Islamic Cultural Centre, 2012)

For more details, please see our article on How the prayer times are calculated

The sadaqatul fitr is based upon the cost of 3 litres/Kg of dates. This equates to £5 approx.