Refurbishment of African Mosques Projects

Refurbishment for African Mosque

(Masjid Ijora Market, Masjid Istijaba & Masjid Nouroul Kamal)

Project Update: Dhul Hijjah 1440 H

Ijora Mosque 3


Project Update: Ramadan 1440 H

Work has already started!

Islamic Centre Edgware is a sponsor of the Refurbish Africa Mosques Project. The aim of the project is to refurbish local Mosques increasing their capacity and level of comfort for the worshippers.  The project will start with three Mosques in West Africa as follows:
i)   Masjid Ijora Market in Lagos Nigeria – Expansion of Wudu Area, bore hole and water tank.
ii)  Masjid Istijaba in Cotonou, Benin – Plastering of walls, painting, windows, doors and tiling.
iii) Masjib Nouroul Kamal in Cotonou, Benin – New Roof, painting and tiling.

Masjid Ijora Market

The Mosque is located in Ijora market in Lagos Nigeria, a major trading hub for frozen food.  The Mosque is no longer able to accommodate the increasing number of worshippers and needs an additional wudu area and new water supply. Currently worshippers are having to wait a long time to make wudu and are using bottled water due to the intermittent municipality water supply.

The Project
The project will provide additional wudu facilities, sink a borehole for a new water supply and install a new water tank.
Estimated Cost £1,000


Masjid Istijaba

Masjid Istijaba in a newly built Mosque located in the Akpapa area of Cotonou, Benin.  The walls has block work and a roof, but not much else, however the brothers and sisters are using the space, so much is the love of Allah in this small West African Country.  The Mosque is in need of all finishes including plaster, painting, doors, windows, tiling and a new wudu area.

The Project
The project is to help them on their journey by providing a new wudu Area with drainage and water supply, plastering of the walls and painting.
Estimated Cost £2,000


Masjid Nouroul Kamal

Masjid Nouroul is a converted warehouse located in suburbs of Cotonou, Benin.  Such is the demand for local prayer spaces and children’s schools. Although it provides a large space, the facilities are very basic. Mosque is in need of a new roof, painting, windows, doors, tiling and a new wudu area, as well as books and facilities for the children’s school.

The Project
The project is to help them with a new wudu Area with drainage and water supply, painting and facilities for the children.
Estimated Cost £3,000

More details can be found at (UA-24278895) (UA-24278895)