Ramadan 2019: Project One – Solar Power for School – Gaza, Palestine

Solar Plants for Islamic School in Gaza

Project update Sha’baan 1441

We are pleased to publish the report for Solar Panels for Schools in Gaza. The project was delivered by Ummah Welfare Trust. We are grateful for all those who supported the project and for the team at Ummah welfare trust and a host of volunteers who helped with the completion of this project.

May Allah grant the highest of rewards to all. Ameen



Brothers and sisters from Islamic Centre Edgware (ICE) came together to raise £10,500 for the needy communities in Gaza. With the money Ummah Welfare Trust was able to provide warmth and electricity, to poor and displaced students.


Edgware 2020 Feedback Report

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Project Update 15th Ramadan 1440

Alhumdulillah, we have raised the total amount needed for one of the schools We intended to raise £10,000 for one school but have managed to reach slightly over so we will wait til the end of Ramadan to calculate and other donations to see if we can do anything further. May Allah accept your donations and reward you. We will keep you updated with the progress insha’Allah.

Project Description
The Gaza Strip has been suffering from a chronic deficit in electricity since 2006. Around 2 million people are living on less than 8 hours of electricity a day as a result of the 61% electricity deficit. Several alternatives, including the use of generators, were initiated to overcome electricity shortages, particularly in hospitals and schools.
The Gaza Strip has an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, making renewable energy an ideal option. In addressing the needs of the energy sector in Gaza.

In partnership with UWT intend to provide a sustainable energy source through the installation of solar panels in one of these two Islamic schools in Gaza.

Al Tabeen and Fatima Al-Zahraa Islamic Schools are two of the 398 schools in the Gaza Strip currently affected by the electricity crisis. Since 2006, Gaza has been facing chronic electrical shortages, exacerbated by the most recent crisis in Gaza, which damaged related infrastructure and Gaza’s sole power plant.

How will it benefit the people 
The Renewable Energy Generation project will improve the education of approximately 1,200 student
Raise awareness about clean energy and lay the groundwork for energy transition
Saving money
Protecting the environment.

Number of Beneficiaries
Around 600 student

We are no longer collecting for this project but you can still donate to other projects.

Projected cost for two schools.

Activity Total quantity required Unit price


Total price

In £

Total price

In Shekel

Solar Cell ( 320 Watt) 45


133 5,985 28,130
Power adapter

(Inverter – Infini Plus 5 Kilo )



2,150 4,300 20,210
Solar cells carriers 45


38 1,710 8,037
The Electricity Pool

(AC & DC Breakers)

L.S L.S 1,000 4,700
Power Cables +

MC4 + Y-Branch

L.S L.S 700 3,290
Batteries  200 A 15


420 6,300 29,610
TOTAL £ 19,995 93,977


islamiccentreedgware.org (UA-24278895)islamiccentreedgware.org (UA-24278895)