New Muslims Course: Introduction to Islam

~ An Introduction to Islam ~

This course covers the very basic parts of the six articles of faith; the five pillars of Islam as well as the basic lifestyle of a Muslim. This is a foundation course intended as a practical guide to living life as a Muslim without cultural influences. The modules will give basic information and general rules with the opportunity to ask questions about any issue at the end of the each session.

It is our flagship course that is attended by almost all students and acts as a springboard for other topics.

This course is tailored to people who have just embraced Islam or are thinking about embracing Islam. Terminology would be explained to make it easier to understand. No previous knowledge is required.

The course will cover:

The Islamic Belief

The purpose of life
Knowing Allah
Books revealed by Allah
Messengers and Prophets
the Hereafter

The Five Pillars

The Shahaadah
Prayer (and purification)
And Hajj

Living Islam

Foods, clothing and common phrases
Gender relations, love, marriage and family
Financial issues
Political and societal responsibility

Islamic Law

Understanding Islamic Law
Different opinions and sects
General guidelines for living as a Muslim

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