Morrocco Earthquake & Libya Floods

A massive earthquake devastated the Marrakesh region of Morocco. In just a few short moments, thousands lost their lives and many more lost everything else.

The quake was the most powerful in the region for over a century. Whole towns and villages were turned to dust, and countless homes became graves.

Just days later, children and families were facing catastrophic flooding and landslides in several areas in the country after Storm Daniel made landfall in Libya on Sunday, 10 September 2023.  Two dams  collapsed under the pressure, sweeping entire neighbourhoods into the sea.

Almost 10,000 people are reportedly missing, with 30,000 estimated to be displaced in Libya. The situation is worse in rural areas, where several buildings collapsed, and homes were carried away with families trapped inside.

What makes this crisis even more heart-wrenching is that many affected families were already displaced by the ongoing conflict in Libya. For them, this disaster compounds their loss and suffering.

We have been working to ensure there are people on the ground, some from the families of our own communities who have flown out to their homelands to help on the ground. We will therefore be collecting funds to help our brothers and sisters from both regions with our du’a, and whatever financial or material aid we can offer.