Re-open after Covid-19 Lockdown

We are re-opening Alhumdulillah!

 ~  Advice issued on Sunday 12 July 2020  ~  

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, Islamic Centre Edgware has re-opened and has implemented strict guidelines that must be followed for the safety of all attendees. This is paramount to prevent a further outbreak amongst the community.


  • Attendees will need to either pre-register before attending or complete an attendance register before entering for NHS Track & Trace requirements. You can pre-register here >>>


  • The front gates are expected to remain locked until 15 minutes before prayer times. Queues must be socially distanced
  • All doors, internal and external, to be opened before prayers (windows may also be opened weather permitting) so there is no need to touch handles
  • A limited amount of people can enter the centre for each prayer after which the main gate will be closed. At present only 30 people will be admitted after which the gates will be closed. This is to ensure sufficient distancing at all times.
  • No washroom facilities – these will be closed – so wudhu will be needed from home
  • Attendees will need to bring their own prayer mats and shoe-bags to enter
  • Face masks are recommended when attending the centre
  • No access for children, elderly (over 70s), those who are vulnerable, have symptoms of illness or are isolating
  • Attendees are advised not to shake hands and maintain social distance at all times
  • One-way system is implemented in the corridors
  • Separate entrance and exits for the Main Prayer Hall
  • Separate entrance and exits for the Ladies Prayer Hall
  • Shoes will not be placed on racks but kept in bags with attendees
  • Notices and announcements will be made advising conduct whilst in centre by staff
  • Distancing for prayers between attendees must be maintained with only certain areas marked out for prayer
  • Sunnah and nâfila will need to be prayed at home and not at the centre
  • Extra cleaning will be done daily and in between each prayer
  • No Friday Jumu’ah prayers initially, only the five daily prayers

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and the opening will be dependent on volunteers who are able to manage the opening and closing, cleaning and crowd control. To help us manage the centre by volunteering please click here >>>


It will open for the five daily prayers according to prayer times on the website. 

The Madrasah will resume but the classes will remain online. Teaching will continue throughout the summer holidays until the start of the new academic year.

Please continue to donate to help us during this time.


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