Ramadan 2018: Malawi Masjid Project

RAMADAN PROJECT 2018 – Completed!

Masjid Hidayah, Nampway, Zomba District – Donated by Community Members of Islamic Centre Edgware


In Ramadan 1439 (2018), Islamic Centre Edgware decided to adopt a charitable project during Ramadan for our community. After discussions with various organisations, it was agreed that we would establish the building of a masjid in Malawi for which our community can gain sadaqa jaariya. Ummah Welfare Trust, who have considerable experience in this field submitted a report for a Mosque in Nsulu Village, Ulongwe Area. It was a deprived area with a poor structure and no nearby water well. Funds of approximately £20,000 was needed.

Collections of Funds and project allocation

During Ramadan, we focused on this issue and were honoured to have raised all of the required funds. However, by the time we had collected all of the funds and arranged the transfer to Ummah Welfare Trust, the initial project in Nsulu village had been taken up and completed by another charitable organisation. Undeterred, we requested another location in Malawi as this was the premise upon which the funds had been collected. UWT identified another area in Nampway, Zomba District.

Update: May 2018 / Ramadan 1440H – Project Completed

Alhumdulillah, by the mercy and Grace of Allah, the Malawi Masjid Project is now complete. Our community has established a place of worship for our beloved brothers and sisters in Malawi. Please look through the pictures below.

You can download the full report here >>>


Update: December 2018

We have received our first update on 19 December. Please see the following pictures.

We are grateful to Imam Abdur-Rahman Anwar and Br. Saif Uddin from Ummah Welfare Trust who have dedicated considerable amounts of time to help with this project.

We pray that all those who donated their time and money to this cause reap the fruits of their donations in the hereafter and may Allah magnify their offerings and make it a great source of happiness.

Update: June 2018

Alhumdulillah by the Grace and Mercy of Allah the project to construct a Masjid on behalf of the community of Islamic Centre Edgware is going well.

We pray that this can act as sadaqa Jaariya for all those who donate, so they are continuously rewarded each time Allah is worshipped due to their donation.

Please see below the attachment that details the type of project we are aiming to achieve.