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Lecture: A Guide to Zakāt

Sunday 8th March 2020  – A Lecture by Imam Abdullah – From Maghrib to Esha – Males & Females welcome This talk is designed to explain aspects that are relevant to our society today, as well as detailed rulings, and the social benefits to the individual and society. The content includes: ~ The definition of zakāh ~ Upon whom it is obligatory ~ When it becomes obligatory ~ How it is calculated ~ To whom it should and should not be given Brothers and sisters welcome.

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New Centre in Colindale

For many years the Muslim community of Colindale has been using the Mosques in Hendon and Edgware. With the community increasing in size, there has for many years been a need to have a local centre in Colindale which can cater for their needs but which is within easy walking distance. Islamic Centre Edgware has many students that attend the madrasah who travel from Colindale and have been looking to open an Education Centre locally. By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, Islamic Centre Edgware was presented with an opportunity […]

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