Adult Qur’ān Madrasah


After the success of our previous courses on Qur’ān Reading, we are now able to offer Qur’ān classes for brothers and sisters.

The Qur’ân is the unchanged Word of Allah, revealed in the Arabic language. It cannot be recited in any other language and so learning and recitation in Arabic is essential.

The classes start from the very basics and develop the student so they can recite the words of the Noble Qur’ân. The course will cover:

 – Arabic Alphabet: pronunciation, character recognition, various forms
– Vowels: Fat-hah, Kasrah and Dammah
– Tanween: Fat-hatayn, Kasratayn, Dammatayn
– Joining: Sukoon, Shaddah and the Letters of Leen
– Long vowels: Elongating the vowels, Madd
– Special Characters
– Qalqalah
– Noon and Meem Saakin

This course will be based upon the ‘Complete Qā’idah’ book published by Safar Academy and it would be necessary for students to bring a copy or purchase it on the first day of the course (cost of book is £5). This will then be followed by the second book on Tajweed which also cost £5.

The classes will require punctuality and consistency for those enrolled on the course as lateness and absenteeism will affect the class teaching of other students.

The lessons will consist of teaching and practice. The class size is limited to 15 students. Once the class is full, it will generally not be possible to join.

The course is being run as part of the Madrasah classes and will be charged at £20 monthly payable in advance.

Classes have already started and brothers will need to attend on the upstairs mezzanine floor. You will need to bring stationary for notetaking such as notepad and pen and also £5 to purchase the Beginners book. Those who have not completed the booking form below may be turned away.

At present there is insufficient interest from sisters, but once we have sufficient numbers we would like to be able to offer that too.

Class applied for
Section 1 [Your Details]
MaleFemale Birth
Section 2 [Previous Education]
Level of Qur’ān reading attained BeginnerCompleted Qā'idaAble to recite Qur'ān
Level of tajweed NoneBasicGood
How many Surahs memorised
Able to perform Wudu YesNo
Able to perform Salah YesNo

* The course is being run subject to certain terms and conditions and may not proceed until there is sufficient registration. These terms will be explained on the first session or by email. (UA-24278895) (UA-24278895)